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Bouteaque Tea - Mini Jars

Bouteaque Tea - Mini Jars

Vanilla Tale:
Gunpowder Green Tea
with Vanilla, Calendula & Sunflower
Very refreshing with sweet Vanilla taste

Clean Slate:
Green Tea
Strawberry & Papaya Green Tea
Herbaceous flavour with mellow green tea and strawberry flavour.

Luxury Green Tea
with Hibiscus & Rosehip
Very refreshing, slightly tart with floral notes

Pot of Gold:
An infusion of chamomile flowers has long been reputed to calm the nerves. Clean and soothing, these Egyptian chamomile flowers boast a mellow honey-like aroma with gentle apple notes. Each sip lends a silky, smooth feel in the mouth, granting a unique tea experience.

Fruit & Flora:

A medley of fruit and herbs combined with luxury rooibos, creates a tea that embodies a vivacious floral character. The soothing aroma of fresh Lavender perfectly compliments the sweet Rooibos and fruits to provide lingering moments of delight with every sip.

Orange Bloom:
High grown Oolong from the Tungting region in Taiwan, exquisite Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka, delicately balanced by naturally dried orange peels and jasmine petals, lend an "ahhh"-mazing tea tasting experience!
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